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Everybody is so HAPPY!

That is our
origin and pride.

That was back when president and board member played many
roles with few stores. All employees exchanged opinions with
each other and repeated discussions for a whole year, whence
“HEISEI KANKOU-ism” was born. What HEISEI KANKOU really
thinks with the ideology of “business is people” is contained in
every word of Heiseikankou ism consisting of three pillars of
“Mission”, “Value” and “Vision”. That is the philosophy created
and carefully nurtured by employees themselves, not by top-
down approach. That is our origin and pride.

  • HEISEI KANKOU-ism[mission]
  • HEISEI KANKOU-ism[standards of conduct]
  • HEISEI KANKOU-ism[vision of the future]


Toy Box Company with
Dream and Emotion

  • We are toy box company with dream and emotion packed
    with WAKU2andsurprise
  • We shall do our utmost effort to pursue dreamandemotionfor
    customers, local community and our staffs through WAKU2andsurprisesuch as “You never know what will pop up when”.
  • Thedreamandemotionwhich we pursue was born from a baton relayconnecting people, and it is never created by single person.
  • We shall be aware of the need for suchpeace of mindlike soft cushion enveloping toy box and cherish it.



  • WAKU2 is “you never know what will happen next” “expectation of happiness”
  • We shall strive to create spaces to always let customers to enjoy excitement, WAKU2.
  • We shall take the role of a stage director to create a sense of excitement deliberately.


  • The “surprise” is “an unexpected event that greatly exceeds expectations”.
  • The surprise for customers is “extraordinariness” in various services and customer support.
  • We shall act consciously to provide surprise that always exceeds expectations of customers, local community and staffs.


  • The “dream” is “something we desperately wish for.”
  • We would like to be a dream maker to let customers, local community and staffs to pursue “dream” and make “dream” come true.


  • The “emotion” is “a state of being captivated by encountering something wonderful”.
  • We are playing the role as a provider of stages or venues to impress customers, local community and staffs.

Peace of Mind

  • The “peace of mind” is “a state of peace and tranquility in the heart”.
  • The peace of mind comes from trust between customers and staffs, and among staffs.
  • We shall strive every day to be considerate and always be sincere to customers and staffs for the purpose of building a trusted relationship.

Connection between Individuals

  • The “connection between individuals is “a bond between people born from every encounter” such as that between customers and staffs, that among staffs and that between staffs and collaborating companies.
  • The connection between individuals can only be born when we treasure and cherish every encounter.
  • We shall continue to be grateful for encounters, value connections between people and pursue dream and emotion for various team works.



First of all, each staff should be an entertainer possessing fresh idea and passion in order to be “Toy Box Company with Dream and Emotion”. This is our common values.
Four “values” is the standards of conduct which we value in carrying out the mission.
All of our staffs shall break free from common sense and old habits, be not afraid of making mistakes, and continuously challenge ourselves with a positive attitude in order to convey as many joy and emotions as possible to the world.

Blazingly Fast Speed Liberal Company

  • We shall continue to be “Blazingly Fast Speed Company” which is “always one step ahead” and “catches up
    with others and then overtakes them”.
  • We have realized blazingly fast speed decision makings and implementation by providing freedom to our staffs
    through “delegation of authority”.
  • We shall continue to value “trying it out first” before kicking around various ideas.

Everyday School Festival

  • We shall enjoy our job always feeling the joy of creating things together like a school festival.
  • We believe that energy and motivation generated from “easygoing” and “momentum” is what will produce good result.

Pursuit of Commercial Rationalism

  • We shall push forward rationality as business according to our own standards thinking outside the boxes of common sense and old habits.
  • We think that a new value will be generated from combination of imitations and we shall put such creative imitations in practice.

Evolution, Revolution

  • We shall continuously evolve without any day break.
  • We believe the an innovation will be eventually born through continuously evolving and we would like to be a revolutionary in
    the industry and an innovator in the local community.



Wishing that everybody will beHAPPY
Wishing to be centennial company!

We shall make everybody happy sharing values by penetrating “HEISEI KANKOU-ism”.
We shall not be afraid of making mistakes in accordance with the philosophy of “HEISEI KANKOU-ism” and aim at becoming centennial company by changing ourselves.
We shall aim to become a strong company by deepening our bond with colleagues and increasing our organization’s power.

Message from President



a flesh-and-blood philosophy handcrafted by ourselves.

A booklet titled “Toy Box Company with Dream and Emotion” was distributed to all employees at show-and-tell session named “K-nation” held on September 29, 2004.
The “ism” is corporate value. What is right, and/or what is wrong?
What is our reason for existence? Where and how to proceed? We have created such “ism” by ourselves. We spent a whole year to discuss such issue in order to create this philosophy. “It would be nice if the company became like this.” “What is HEISEI KANKOU’s identity and uniqueness?” We wish to work at such company.” We have given to shape to individual ideas by crying, laughing and sometimes while fooling around and getting serious and created such philosophy. This is how we created the only one philosophy, “HEISEI KANKOU-ism” in the world.
This is not the philosophy imposed by the management and decorated by uphonious words. It is a flesh-and-blood philosophy handcrafted by ourselves. Sharing our philosophy with as many people as possible is our pride and joy.

Representative Director and President  Shoichi Higashino

Corporate information

Corporate profile

Corporate name HEISEI KANKOU Co., Ltd.
Establishment January 8, 1989
Representative Director Representative Director and President,
Mr. Shoichi Higashino
Capital JPY 30 million
Description of business Pachinko business, real estate business, aircraft leasing business
Our banks ・Gifu Shoko Shinyo Kumiai
・Daishi Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd.
・The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
・Tono Shinkin Bank
・The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
・Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
・Risona Bank, Limited

■Head office
Takaramachi 2-39-1, Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture 507-0054 JAPAN

TEL:0572-25-8878 FAX:0572-25-4848
Toll-free number:0120-528-287
E-mail address:info@heiseikankou.com

■Nagoya office
Ushijimacho 6-1, Nishi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 451-6040

TEL: 052-569-4818
Facimile: 052-569-4819


1989 January Establishment of HEISEI KANKOU Limited Liability Company
1990 December Opened Parlor King Kani Store (Kani City, Gifu Prefecture)
1996 April Opened Parlor King West Kani Store
(Kani City, Gifu Prefecture)
1997 December Opened Parlor King APiTA Nakatsugawa Store
(Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture)
1998 August Opened K’s Amista Galleria APiTA Chiryu Store
(Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture)
1999 September Opened Sales Division (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)
2000 September HEISEI KANKOU Co., Ltd. Organizational change
2000 December Expanded Parlor King Kani Store
2002 December Opened Parlor King Toki Store (Toki City, Gifu Prefecture)
2002 December Opened KEIZ APiTA Igaueno Store (Iga City, Mie Prefecture)
2003 April Opened KEIZ Owariasahi Store
(Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture)
2004 April Opened HEISEI KANKOU Sapporo Building
2004 July Opened KEIZ Sapporo-ekimae Store
(in front of JR Sapporo Station)
2004 December Opened KEIZ Minato Store (Minato-ku, Nagoya City)
2004 December Opened DONKEY Tanukikoji Store (Sapporo City)
2005 April Opened Parlor King Tajimi Store (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)
2005 December Opened KEIZ Konan Store (Konan City, Aichi Prefecture)
2005 December Head office relocation
(from Kani City, Gifu Prefecture to Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)
2006 April Opened KEIZ Gifu Rokujyo Store (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)
2007 August Opened Galleria APiTA Chiryu Store
(Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture)
2007 December Opened Mino Inter Store (Mino City, Gifu Prefecture)
2009 April Opened RAZOWALK Kai Futaba Store
(Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
2009 June Opened Shinkoenji Store (Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
2009 August Opened La Park Kanazawa Store
(Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefectrue)
2010 April Opened Odaka Store (Midori-ku, Nagoya City)
2010 November Changed store name from DONKEY Tanukikoji Store
to KEIZ Tanukikoji Store
2011 January Fusako Higashino became Chairman (current position) from President, Shoichi Higashino became President (current position) from Senior Managing Director, Tatsuhiko Higashino became Senior Managing Director (current position) from Managing Director
2011 October KEIZ Galleria APiTA Chiryu Store (Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture)
Increased machines from 468 to 701
2011 October KEIZ Mino Inter Store (Mino City, Gifu Prefecture)
Increased machines from 648 to 715
2012 April Tajimi Store (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)
Changed store name from KING to KEIZ and increased machines
2012 July Toki Store (Toki City, Gifu Prefecture)
Changed store name from KING to KEIZ
2012 December Opened KEIZ Takaoka Store (Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture)
2012 December KEIZ Gifu Rokujyo Store (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)
Increased machines from 1008 to 1042
2013 August KEIZ Owariasahi Store (Owariasahi City, Aichi Prececture)
Increased machines from 828 to 1200
2013 December Opened KEIZ Toyama Tanaka Store
(Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture)
2014 April Opened SLOT KEIZ Minato Store (Minato-ku, Nagoya City)
2015 December KEIZ Nakagawa Unga Store (Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya City)
2016 September Combied SLOT KEIZ Minato Store and KEIZ Minato Store
(Minato-ku, Nagoya City) (single store operation)
2016 December Opened KEIZ Matsumoto Store
(Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture)
2017 December Opened KEIZ Teine Store (Sapporo City Hokkaido)
2018 April KEIZ Konan Store (Konan City, Aichi Prefecture)
Increased machines from 746 to 1001
2019 April Kani Store (Kani City, Gifu Prefecture)
Changed store name form KING to KEIZ
2023 August Opened Nagoya Office
2023 December Opened GRAND G-ONE Koka Minakuchi Store (Koka City, Shiga Prefecture)

Organization Chart

Organization Chart


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Privacy Policy

【Protection Policy】

“We are aware that the personally idenfiable information (hereinafter “personal information”)
such as name and address of customers, shareholders, directors, employees and business partners is privacy information. We consider it a social responsibility to manage personal informatino appropriately and will continue to promote our business activities as an entertaiment business with the focus on compliance. “
  1. When collecting personal information, we shall collect such to the extent necessary by informing the
    purpose of collection, our contact point for deleting and inquiry.
  2. We shall properly manage the personal information collected and shall not provide such information to the third party without your consent.
  3. We shall use the personal information which you provided only for legitimate purpose.
  4. When there is inquiry, correction on the personal information which we collected, please inform our contact point. We will respond promptly within a reasonable range.
  5. We are taking measures to keep personal information accurate and up to date and prevent unauthorized access to, and loss, destruciton, falsification and leakage of personal information.
  6. When we outsource the handling of personal information to a third party, we shall mandate such party not to leak or resubmit personal information and implement proper management.
  7. We shall strictly manage the personal information received from entrustor and use it within the scope of contract.
  8. We shall continue to review and do our utmost effort to improve the content of this policy along with complying with Japanese laws and regulations and other rules relating to protection of the personal information.